Good English, maths, and ICT skills form the basis of a productive society. Desired by educational organisations and employers all around the world, possessing good English, maths, and ICT skills can open up doors and enable individuals to work, study, and progress anywhere in the world.

English, maths, and ICT are the basic skills people require in order to manage the demands of a workplace, succeed on a further education course, and juggle the demands of daily life. Possessing strong skills gives people the confidence to work both effectively and independently, as well as engage confidently with others.

People from all walks of life are held back because of a lack of the essential skills needed to function in the modern world. Skills Anytime helps and supports individuals to improve their basic skills using a tried and tested four-step process. By finding out their current working level and where their individual weakness are, Skills Anytime then gives learners access to tailored resources to fill any gaps in knowledge, then finally check they have understood the topic in hand with individual Skill Checks.

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