Skills Anytime write, develop, and supply interactive solutions to improve English, maths and ICT skills. Suitable for a range of ages and abilities, and any skills improvement programme, Skills Anytime helps organisations and individuals to raise achievement levels and increase their potential.

Skills Anytime has been developed by bksb, and was originally established within a UK college. Skills Anytime continues to operate from within education meaning that our focus is always on ensuring that our solutions are, first and foremost, educationally excellent. We do not have shareholders or a private owner, so being profit-driven is not our first priority. Outstanding achievement is.

We have been established for 20 years and our skills solutions are used by thousands of education providers and millions of learners around the world. So, if you decide to become a Skills Anytime user, you will be in extremely good company.

Skills Anytime applies learning to real-life situations so that knowledge can be more easily applied to day-to-day tasks, and provides an important foundation component for qualifications and foundation learning programmes.

Many people all around the world and from all walks of life are held back because of a lack of the fundamental English, maths and ICT skills needed to function in the modern world. The Skills Anytime solutions support organisations and individuals to raise their skills, improve their confidence, and fulfil their potential.

1994 Screening and assessment tools are developed

A well-established UK college develops screening and assessment tools, which prove to be popular with other education providers.

1997 Skills Anytime makes its first forays into overseas markets

Skills Anytime makes its first forays into overseas markets, responding to demand by developing bespoke, contextualised versions of the products.

2011 Our first South African customer

Northlink College based in Cape Town become our first customer in South Africa.